Why is RICS Guidance Important?
By Ross Cheeseright

Why is RICS Guidance Important?

Question: What is the significance of the RICS Guidance Note on Japanese Knotweed?

Answer: The RICS Guidance Note, updated in 2022, sets the standard for controlling Japanese Knotweed, reflecting the latest research and ethical standards for property assessment and service delivery.

A Closer Look: 

The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Guidance Note on Japanese Knotweed, updated in 2022, is a critical document that sets the standard for managing and assessing Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) in the property sector. This guidance reflects the latest research and best practices, ensuring that property assessments and management strategies are both effective and ethically sound. It provides surveyors and property professionals with comprehensive information on how to identify, assess, and recommend treatment for Japanese Knotweed, considering its impact on property value and structural integrity.

The RICS Guidance Note also plays a significant role in standardizing the approach to Japanese Knotweed across the industry. By adhering to these guidelines, property professionals can provide consistent and reliable advice to property owners, buyers, and lenders. This consistency helps in mitigating the risks associated with Japanese Knotweed, including legal implications and potential property damage. Overall, the RICS Guidance Note is essential for maintaining high standards in property assessment and service delivery, ensuring that Japanese Knotweed is managed effectively and responsibly

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