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Quickly find out if you have knotweed with our online ID tool and survey, or get rid of knotweed on your property and avoid issues with property sale or encroachment.


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Services geared for homeowners

We help thousands of people up and down the country to control and remove Japanese knotweed from their property. We provide you:

  • Expert free Japanese knotweed survey, including RICS knotweed risk category
  • Herbicide treatment programmes for homeowners and house sales
  • Excavation projects to quickly remove the problem of knotweed
  • Japanese knotweed guarantee and Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)
  • Expert legal knowledge, in particular knotweed encroachment and TA6 misrepresentation
  • PCA Qualified Surveyors and Technicians
  • A dedicated Customer Care team


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help with house purchase and sale

If you are buying or selling a property that is affected by Japanese knotweed, we recommend a Japanese knotweed survey.

Lenders are often concerned about the damage that Japanese knotweed can do to a property – this raises questions about its ‘saleability’ in the future meaning lenders want to understand the potential risk of losing money on a property that could reduce in value. This can make it more difficult to secure a mortgage.

Japanese Knotweed Ltd is a fully accredited business and we use the risk table laid out by the Royal Institution of Charted Surveyors (RICS) to help understand and categorise the level of risk that the knotweed presents on the property. The level of risk is defined by the proximity of the knotweed to the habitable area or the property boundary, and if any structural damage has been caused.

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Getting a ‘japanese knotweed mortgage’

If you suspect that there is knotweed on the property you wish to buy or sell, you may have trouble securing a mortgage. We can conduct a professional Japanese knotweed survey for you that will include a detailed account of our findings, photographs, location plans and confirmation of the knotweed RICS property at risk category along with a Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) proposal.

Armed with the results of the survey and the management plan, you will be able to ensure a much smoother buying or selling process. Click the button below to learn more or book a survey.

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What is Japanese knotweed damage?

In its drive to expand, Japanese knotweed will exploit existing weaknesses, gaps or cracks in property, underground services, walls, concrete, foundations, fences, out-buildings and conservatories. As it grows and expands, it will increase the expansion of the gap or crack and cause damage to walls, ruin garden fences and break through into buildings.

In its search for moisture, the rhizomes will forge their way through structures without regard for their purpose – including underground pipes and electrical cables.

In addition to the damage root systems can cause, it can also cause problems above ground. Japanese Knotweed grows large ‘bamboo-like’ stalks. These stalks grow together in tight clumps. They grow large green ‘shovel-shaped’ leaves which can cover a wide area. This growth will block areas, recuse usable areas of the garden and also prevent natural flora and fauna from growing.

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Japanese Knotweed Ltd was named as contractor of the year by the national trade body, the Property Care Association (PCA). We were announced the winner of the Invasive Weed category for larger businesses in October 2021.

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