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japanese knotweed TREATMENT

Our Herbicide Treatment Plan is a long-term plan of herbicide applications exhausts the plant bringing it under effective control and preventing further spread. See how we can get knotweed under control for you.



Our treatment plan (often referred to as a Knotweed Management Plan or KMP) is typically carried out over a period of 3, 5 or 10 years to ensure a long-term solution. It takes the stress out of controlling Japanese knotweed and comes with an insurance backed guarantee.


As a homeowner, it's your responsibility to control knotweed on your property, a herbicide plan provides a stress-free solution.

Safe Herbicide 

Studies have shown that there are optimum herbicides and application techniques that should be adopted for the best results and our methods adhere to these findings. One such study on Glyphosate and its potential risk to human health states; “Glyphosate has lower acute toxicity to humans than 94% of all herbicides and many common household chemicals, including vinegar and table salt. Glyphosate also has lower chronic toxicity to humans than 90% of all herbicides.”

Additionally in a recent report, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) “did not identify any critical areas of concern in its peer review of the risk assessment of the active substance glyphosate in relation to the risk it poses to humans and animals or the environment.” 

As such, we use Glyphosate for the majority of our herbicide control projects. This chemical is highly effective and safe when used by professionals in the right way, and adhering to public safety regulations.

Adaptive methods

When planning a Japanese knotweed treatment programme we know how important it is to respect and protect the environment we’re working in, and we adapt to any considerations required. As such we will always consider:

  • Sensitivity to non-target vegetation (trees, plants and grasses) growing in the vicinity
  • Proximity of Japanese knotweed to watercourses and bodies (including the sea)
  • Proximity of tree roots
  • Proximity of badger sets or other species of protected wildlife

This enables us to determine the best choice of herbicide and the best method of application, which may be spraying, stem injection (shown right) or leaf wiping. All details will be outlined within your Knotweed Management Plan and quotation.


Your treatment plan will be organised and arranged by our trusted and qualified team who will ensure that you never miss a treatment, and that visits are scheduled at a time and date that’s convenient for you.

The herbicide treatment is carried out by CSJK qualified professionals who will carefully and responsibly treat your infestation to get the knotweed under control. The treatments will be carried out with utmost regard to other plants or vegetation within the area of treatment.

You will be given notice of each visit and your property and land will be respected at all times whilst treatments are carried out.

Construction workers walking towards a building in development

Complete eradication 

In most situations, but particularly with mature knotweed stands that possess visible crown material, herbicide control alone is unlikely to remove the viability of the plant’s underground rhizome (root) system.

Dense or deep rhizome may retain viable while being locked in a herbicide induced dormancy. Disturbance of the treated knotweed area even after successful completion of herbicide treatments can therefore result in re-growth. If the area of ground where the knotweed resides is likely to be disturbed, excavation will be recommended for complete eradication of knotweed. We will discuss the best method of excavation to use, based on the extent of infestation, the site and its intended use, and any other considerations such as access.

Why choose us

  • 1000’s of long-term satisfied customers with over 1000 5-star ratings on Trustpilot
  • We liaise closely with you to tailor a site-specific package, often utilising several treatment techniques on a single site
  • Highly experienced and accredited professionals carry out the work
  • Our friendly team members will respectful of your property at all times
  • We work to the PCA Code of Practice means we can provide you with an Insurance backed Guarantee
A stem of Japanese knotweed leaves

An Award Winning Company

Japanese knotweed is an award winning company we have been named a Contractor of the Year by national trade body, the Property Care Association (PCA). We were announced the winner of the Invasive Weed category for larger businesses in October 2021.

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There is a substantial amount of legislation concerned with the use of herbicides. Examples include the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 1988 and the Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products 2006. The control of herbicide regulations can be found within the Food and Environment Protection Act (FEPA) 1985.

It is also a requirement that any intention to apply herbicide within 5-10 metres of a watercourse must not be carried out until written confirmation has been received from the Environment Agency. We undertake and obtain E.A. licenses to apply herbicide on or near water where required.

The application of any herbicides should be carried out in accordance to a BASIS guarantee and by persons with a recognised National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) Certificate of Competence. This ensures the right herbicides are used and applied correctly. All our staff have the appropriate training and certification and conform to current legislation.


Our friendly team can help with any suspected knotweed issues.