Training and Development Award 2023
By Jennifer Holmes

Training and Development Award 2023

best practice award


Japanese knotweed Ltd receiving award for best practice and training


2023 PCA Best Practice Awards

This year we’re delighted to have been awarded Highly Commended for the PCA Best Practice – Training & Staff Development category. An award that goes to all our staff at Japanese Knotweed Ltd, and our sister brand Environment Controls, and follows other PCA Awards won in previous years.

Training begins when a new team member joins us, and being a H&S first company that area of training is especially vital for our field based staff. This award demonstrates our commitment to staff development, so let’s find out what it’s all about…

The Japanese knotweed team

it’s a whole company thing

All staff whether they are field or office based undergo training. This is important because we know that our people (some pictured above) are our number one asset and we employ the most appropriately trained people in the industry whilst giving them the platform to develop. This starts with an in-depth induction and carries on through their employment and career with us. We support personal development and actively encourage our teams to expand their knowledge in areas that will enhance their skills and enable the business to expand into new markets, such as Amenity weed management.


Last year, with the launch of our sister brand Environment Controls, the teams brilliantly took on the additional challenge of brand training, and, as new services are developed and rolled out, the training continues across the company. Our surveyors and area technicians are fully trained to identify not just Japanese knotweed but over 20 invasive plants, including toxic weeds such as Hemlock and Giant hogweed and 13 aquatic plants. This is especially important for their safety and public safety. This in-house expertise is shared with the public through our free identification service.

specialist training

Our people undertake our bespoke INNS training which has been created and rolled out entirely in-house. The company’s BASIS Crop Protection Advisor is also the Specialist Advisory Manager for Amenity and Invasive Weeds, with over 25 years’ experience within the industry. This vast wealth of knowledge and skills is transferred to our teams via CPD style modules created for each invasive species that cover:

  • INNS characteristics
  • Habitat
  • Identification
  • Environmental impact including toxicity
  • Legislation
  • Control methods
  • Biosecurity


Improvement and development is essential for our people and for the business, and everyone is actively encouraged to make suggestions for improvement.


Our commitment to refreshing current skills and introducing new training and development initiatives has proven to be a huge asset to our brands. We are proud of our staff – they deliver not just great service, but the high standards of customer service we are renowned for, as evidenced by our continuous 5* Trust Pilot reviews.


Our internal training has expanded to provide external training modules that cover identification of Japanese knotweed and other INNS that are ideal for surveyors, property managers, construction and other industries. More information on these services here:

training services