A survey is the quickest way to find out if you have a problem with Japanese knotweed, get started by contacting us today to arrange a survey at a day and time that suits you.

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Survey Process

We will visit your property and carry out a survey free of charge*. Following the survey, you will receive your survey report and works quotation. The quote will include the cost of remedial works and guarantees and insurance if applicable. Our report will quantify the extent of the problem, with detail of our findings, photographs, and a survey drawing. If observed we will include on-site property damage assessments and encroachment concerns between neighbouring properties resulting from target plants.

*There are circumstances as defined below where fees for surveys will apply:

  • If, on completion of the survey, we find ‘no visible knotweed’ on the property or in neighbouring land within 3m of the property boundary, you must pay £225 plus VAT for the survey service.
  • If, on completion of the survey, we find ‘no visible target invasive weeds’ on the property, you must pay £225 plus VAT for the survey service.

Upon payment we will provide a written visual assessment report of our findings for your records.

If the area to be surveyed is greater than 1 acre, we reserve the right to apply a charge to carry out the survey, please enquire for a price.

If the survey is to be carried out in Scotland, on the Isle of Man, or Isle of Wight charges may apply, please ask us for a price.

Knotweed Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Japanese Knotweed Survey?

A Japanese knotweed survey is a specialised inspection process carried out by trained professionals to identify the presence, extent, and potential future risks of Japanese knotweed on a particular property or site.

Key Facts:

  • Identification: The survey includes a thorough examination to identify the presence of Japanese knotweed and differentiate it from other similar-looking plants.
  • Extent & Severity: The survey maps out the full extent of the infestation, categorising the severity and providing an understanding of the spread.
  • Rhizome Spread: A significant concern with Japanese knotweed is its root system, called rhizomes. The survey includes checking the depth and spread of these rhizomes.
  • Documentation: A comprehensive report is typically provided post-survey, detailing findings, photographic evidence, and recommendations for next steps.

Why is a Japanese Knotweed Survey Important?

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant species that can cause significant damage to structures, negatively affect property values, and result in legal liabilities. Hence, understanding its presence and severity is crucial.

Key Facts:

  • Property Damage: Japanese knotweed’s rhizomes can extend up to several meters from the main plant, damaging foundations, walls, and paved areas.
  • Economic Implications: Properties with untreated Japanese knotweed infestations can experience devaluation or may even be refused mortgages by lenders.
  • Ecological Impact: The invasive nature of Japanese knotweed can out-compete native plants, leading to a reduction in biodiversity.
  • Legal Responsibilities: In many regions, landowners might be legally obliged to control the spread of Japanese knotweed. Failure to do so can result in legal actions or fines.

When do I need a Japanese Knotweed Survey?

If you suspect the presence of Japanese knotweed on your property, are involved in property transactions, or have been notified of its presence nearby, a survey might be needed.

Key Facts:

  • Property Purchase: Before purchasing a property, it’s prudent to get a survey, especially in areas known for Japanese knotweed infestations.
  • Property Sale: Sellers might be asked for a Japanese knotweed survey, especially if there’s a history or signs of the invasive plant.
  • Construction & Development: Before starting a construction project, developers often require a survey to ensure no unexpected disruptions or costs arise from the plant.
  • Neighbour’s Notification: If a neighbour reports or treats Japanese knotweed on their property, it’s a good idea to get a survey for your property to ensure it hasn’t spread.


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“Finding out you have Japanese knotweed is quite a shock but my first contact Japanese Knotweed Ltd was talking to Dan, he was excellent very understanding and attentive.

I phoned him on a number of occasions and he was so reassuring and knowledgeable. My management program was put in place within 2 weeks and my mortgage offer followed a week later.

Superb company, all the people you speak with are very good and so good to deal with!”

– Peter Bradshaw