Knotweed Help
By The JKL Team

Knotweed Help

3-step process

People ask ‘how can we help’ with their knotweed problems.

Japanese knotweed can be a worry whether you suspect it’s on your land or property, or you know it’s there because it’s been identified via the sales and purchase process or it’s encroached from neighbouring land. Either way all knotweed will need to controlled under a management plan or completely removed to avoid further issues or even legal implications.

The answer is simply to get in touch and let our 3 step process handle the concerns for you.

  1. Evaluate
  2. Approve
  3. Resolve

Let’s look at each step in more detail:


We need to fact-find – first and foremost is it knotweed? This can be done simply by using our online identification service, or by booking a site survey where one of our qualified surveyors will do a visual assessment. If knotweed is confirmed we’ll be measuring how much is there – typically by number of individual ‘stands’ or square metres coverage. We’ll also record sites of location, and any other site specific considerations. For commercial sites we’ll ask you about planned development or use of land, and we’ll be looking for other factors such as infrastructure (underground pipes or cables) or environmental (endangered species etc).


From the above evaluation we’ll compile a comprehensive visual assessment report containing all details from the survey including pictures, and a quote. This is often referred to as a Knotweed Management Plan or KMP which includes our recommendations taking into account any of the determining factors identified. The quote may cover treatment options as well as excavation options, but we’ll discuss all of this with you before agreeing on the next step to resolve the knotweed issue.


Once a decision has been made and approved for the best course of action to either control or remove the knotweed, we’ll get started. If you’ve chosen a treatment plan we’ll book in the first site visit for herbicide spraying, making sure you’re fully aware of what will happen on the day. If removal by excavation is your preferred choice we’ll provide a timeline for project delivery and undertake a risk assessment prior to starting.

get started

These steps will help you with any knotweed problem, and reassure you or prospective buyers that knotweed is under control or gone. We can also help by providing information for getting the best legal advice with knotweed issues and application for Land Remediation Relief.

If you have a general question or would like to get started please contact the team below.