Knotweed and Asbestos excavation
By The JKL Team

Knotweed and Asbestos excavation

Commercial solutions that are NOT JUST KNOTWEED!

The construction industry has had to weather some storms recently according to official reports revealing a 30% drop in project starts so far in 2024 compared to 2023.

As specialist contractors to some of the UK’s largest house builders and construction firms we know that London is a development hotspot, and certainly an area we’re most busy during the knotweed growing season. In fact, we have a dedicated team of surveyors and operative covering London and Greater London to ensure swift survey appointments and prompt contract delivery.

So, the last thing any project needs is to be put on hold because of contaminated ground, as this puts pressure on project delivery and financials. No project manager wants to see idle staff or machinery whilst waiting for a suitable and licensed contractor to get booked in to remove the contaminants. So what’s the answer?

Cut the wait time.

In 2022 we launched our sister brand Environment Controls to specifically deal with ground contamination – and we’re increasingly managing contracts for both knotweed and asbestos in soils – at the same time. In doing so we can reduce project down time and get your works (and construction teams) back on schedule as quickly as possible.

Multi-contaminant removal service

Having teams qualified to identify asbestos materials in soils means we can spot contamination early and put the wheels in motion whilst we’re on site. Our Multi-Contaminant removal service is the ideal solution to manage both knotweed and other asbestos contaminated ground removal. We can do this right at the start by carrying out a pre-purchase or pre-planning survey that includes identifying asbestos materials in the soils. If we suspect asbestos we will send a soil sample for analysis, and if confirmed we can provide a combined quote for removal of knotweed and asbestos.

The benefits:

  • Know what’s on site before you purchase
  • Know what to factor in to the project
  • Know the cost for removal up front

What you’ll receive:

  • Multi-contamination type survey scope.
  • Joined-up multi-discipline work under one contract.
  • Cost efficiencies in working with a single contractor.
  • Reduced project management activity.

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