Japanese knotweed removal services
By The JKL Team

Japanese knotweed removal services

What are Japanese knotweed removal services?

Japanese knotweed removal services specialise in managing or eradicating Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica), an invasive plant species for homeowners and commercial businesses including developers, landowners and environmental agencies. The cost of removing Japanese knotweed can vary, this article explains why and what’s involved.

Here are some key aspects of services geared for removing Japanese knotweed:

  1. Identification and Survey: A professional CSJK surveyor will assess and record the extent of knotweed infestation on your property, accurately identifying the plant to evaluate its impact, and recommend appropriate measures.
  2. Treatment Plans: Services provide tailored treatment plans based on the severity of the infestation. Common methods include herbicide application, excavation, or a combination of both.
  3. Herbicide Treatment: Trained and qualified technicians apply specialised herbicides to control knotweed growth. This method requires multiple treatments often over several years. A Knotweed Management Plan and guarantee can be provided to assist with property purchasers requiring a mortgage, as this provides evidence of knotweed being controlled.
  4. Excavation and Removal: For severe cases and when knotweed needs to be completely removed, excavation is used. It involves digging out the knotweed rhizomes (underground stems) and disposing of them properly (to a licensed landfill). This method requires the knotweed contractor to hold a special waste carriers license.
  5. On-Site Burial: In certain circumstances, and on certain sites (depending on its planned use) knotweed can be excavated and buried on-site, provided certain conditions are met. This prevents the spread of rhizomes and future knotweed growth.
  6. Root Barriers: When knotweed is excavated, installing root barriers prevents knotweed from spreading into neighboring areas. This must be carried out by specialists in knotweed control to be effective.

People also ask:

Is Japanese knotweed removal free?

Knotweed removal is not free. This is because it requires chemicals and or equipment used by qualified experts in the industry. The costs for Japanese knotweed removal varies depending on type of service required, as in whether the knotweed can be controlled via treatment, or if it is to be removed.

How expensive is it to remove Japanese knotweed?

As mentioned in the previous answer, the cost to remove knotweed will vary depending on certain factors such as severity and area of infestation as well as planned use of land (for construction and developers). The survey will be required to establish if it’s knotweed and how much there is to deal with. A full report should cover all of this including visual evidence of site locations. Costs are usually supplied for recommended treatment or removal options. Often for large commercial projects quotes are provided on Japanese knotweed removal per m2.

Will the Council remove Japanese knotweed?

Because dealing with knotweed is the land owner’s responsibility Councils are not legally bound to control it, however we work with many Councils (County and Borough) to control or remove knotweed as part of their weed management strategy.

How do professionals get rid of Japanese knotweed?

This question often relates to another much asked question – “can I get rid of knotweed?”. In general the answer is knotweed needs to be dealt with by a professional contractor because specialist qualifications, training and licenses are required, as well as being members of certain trade affiliations.

Does Japanese knotweed affect house insurance?

There is no legal obligation to tell your insurance provider if there‚Äôs Japanese knotweed on your property unless they specifically ask you about it – in which case you should tell them. Property insurance policies don’t cover knotweed management or removal or repairs to your property due to damage caused by knotweed so there should be no impact on you home insurance premiums.

Can I get advice with knotweed legal issues such as encroachment?

Yes, law firms specialising in Japanese knotweed claims will provide legal advice to homeowners and businesses affected by knotweed. We can help you with this through our preferred partner.


Can get help with knotweed remediation?

Yes, if you’re the landowner and a UK tax payer you could be eligible for Land Remediation Relief application. Japanese knotweed removal for commercial businesses is one of the criteria that applies to LRR and we can help you with this through our preferred partner.


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