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Japanese knotWEED REMOVAL FOR councils 

Specialist, cost conscious Japanese knotweed services to help Councils maintain a knotweed free environment.

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Understanding the diverse responsibilities of Councils and Local Authorities, Japanese Knotweed Ltd offers tailored solutions that address the multifaceted challenges of managing public spaces. Our services ensure compliance with environmental regulations, safeguard public health, and focus on providing cost effective yet sustainable options for weed management.

In addition to the quality service that you would expect from the leading expert, we go further by bringing even more to the table.

  • Nationwide Coverage: Our services extend across the UK, ensuring that Councils and Local Authorities have access to expert invasive species management no matter their location.
  • Multi-contaminants Removal Services: Our ability to handle a wide range of invasive species including water weeds, alongside Asbestos contaminated ground removal, means Councils can rely on a single provider for comprehensive environmental management.
  • Training: We provide bespoke training for your teams, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to identify the most common invasive species, and remain safe where toxic species may be present.
  • Amenity areas: Keeping amenity areas and open spaces weed free is important, not just to control growth but to ensure safety for all. We can also provide a quote to control all of your sports pitches under one contract, enabling easier budget management.

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Keeping land and property weed free

Councils and Local Authorities face the challenge of balancing public safety, environmental stewardship, and budget constraints. Our integrated approach to invasive species management addresses these challenges head-on, delivering cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions.

How We Help:

  • Enhanced Public Safety: Our Environmental & Public Safety manual is followed by every field-based employee to ensure the work we carry out in public spaces is free of risk.
  • Sustainable Environmental Practices: Integrated Weed Management (IWM) and Aquatic INNS management is aimed at reduced herbicide dependency whilst integrating other suitable and effective methods of control. In some instances, we have been able to reduce herbicide usage by as much as 60%. A professionally guided IWM approach helps preserve biodiversity and promote ecological balance for spaces managed by Councils and Local Authorities.
  • Budget Efficiency: By offering comprehensive services we help reduce long-term management costs, allowing councils to allocate resources more effectively. For amenity weed management we have designed purpose built quadbikes for even greater herbicide efficiency.
  • Project-Dash: Our innovative bespoke live-report dashboard allows for real-time monitoring of projects, document access and daily logs, enhancing transparency and enabling better resource management.

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Case study: helping LEICESTERSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL with inns control

The treatment and control of the noxious weeds within the County was initially provided through an Amenity Control Tender. Through our expert consultation and our obvious expert knowledge across a spectrum of noxious weeds, LCC published a tender for a one-year contract for the treatment and control of noxious weeds within the County, which was across 149 sites of which some were SSSI, and some were adjacent to water courses, meaning an AquaHerb (AqHb) licence was required for spraying herbicide in those locations.


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Why choose us

  • Councils and Local Authorities nationwide trust us as a safety-first contractor – achieving 100% in our 2024 H&S audit
  • Our teams are CSJK qualified and we are fully certified to comply with industry standards
  • We adopt an integrated weed management (IWM) approach where suitable to limit herbicide usage.
  • We have over 1,000 5-Star ratings on Trustpilot


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