How much does it cost to control Japanese knotweed in the UK?
By Jennifer Holmes

How much does it cost to control Japanese knotweed in the UK?

The control of Japanese knotweed costs the UK economy an estimated £1.5 billion, according to a DEFRA analysis.

That’s the cost to the economy but what does it cost homeowners and commercial businesses to have their knotweed treated or removed? Let’s start by looking at the ways in which knotweed can be dealt with before explaining the costs involved.

A herbicide treatment plan will run for 3, 5 or 10 years and is generally less expensive than excavation due to less equipment required. Over the course of the plan we will apply herbicide to the knotweed usually twice a year. You will be notified in advance of all scheduled appointments for our operatives to carry out the treatment.

Excavation is deemed the more expensive option however it does provide a permanent solution and we offer a range of options to suit both residential properties and commercial sites. Excavation of Japanese knotweed is priced per project as there are several variables to factor in such as site location, site access, project requirements and intended use of land.

land remediation tax relief (LRR)

Could your project be applicable for LRR?

LRR is a tax relief available for works undertaken to remove or contain contamination such as Japanese knotweed. We can help you get the right advice to see how much you may be able to claim.


Our costs

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Our costs are competitive because we use our own teams, located in England and Wales. We source responsibly to keep the cost of herbicide low, and we use methods that aim to reduce herbicide usage.

Japanese knotweed identification is free. Using our online service you can upload photos of the suspect plant and our experts will tell you what it is.

We offer a free survey if knotweed is found and you want us to go ahead with the treatment or excavation and this comes with an insurance backed guarantee.

as a guide

Whilst we carefully cost projects individually, we know you’ll be looking for a ball-park estimate. Typically a 10 Year Plan with Insurance Backed Guarantee costs from £1,889.10 + VAT + £56.00 GPI Insurance premium. This illustration is based on a standard site with up to 25m2 of on site Japanese knotweed.

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