How fast does knotweed grow
By The JKL Team

How fast does knotweed grow

Japanese knotweed grows up to 10cm per day in its growing season

As we predicted earlier in the year knotweed hasn’t only arrived sooner than normal, but it’s growing stronger – already over 5ft tall as seen in this picture sent in today by Paul, working on a site in Yorkshire. And its not even April yet!

The leaves are already unfurling and have turned the characteristic ‘knotweed green’ and we can clearly see the zig-zag arrangement of leaves growing along the upright stem. Look closely and you’ll see the speckles on the stems which are clear identifiers when the plant is in its growing season. If you’ve got knotweed it should be visible now it’s growing strong, so why not get in touch and see how we can help you to get rid of it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

knotweed stem next to a measuring tape to show its height

Knotweed infestations are an impressive sight! As the images below show they can form a dense canopy, and you can see how much light it’s blocking out. Because knotweed grows so high it smothers any plants growing underneath as they compete for light and oxygen.

Japanese knotweed canopy
Japanese knotweed undergrowth – this is how knotweed out-competes native plants

How high can knotweed grow?

Japanese knotweed can reach 7ft when fully grown. If not controlled or removed it will regrow from its underground root systems every year. Unfortunately for this farm knotweed was left to its own devices and completely took over a farm building. What you can’t see in this picture is the underground growth of the rhizome which will have spread across the land surrounding the building.

knotweed growign inside a derelict farm building

As these images show knotweed grows at a rapid rate. Our advice is to catch it as early as possible. Get in touch to book a survey with us today and get started with eradicating knotweed.

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