How do I identify Japanese Knotweed in Winter?
By The JKL Team

How do I identify Japanese Knotweed in Winter?

Question: How do I identify Japanese Knotweed in Winter?

Answer: In Winter, identify Japanese Knotweed by its brown, brittle, and erect canes, as the plant loses its leaves and flowers but the shoots remain visible.

A Closer Look: 

During the winter months, Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) can be identified due to its distinctive appearance after losing its leaves and flowers. One of the most recognizable features in winter is the plant’s brown, brittle canes. These canes, which were green and speckled in the summer, turn a dark brown colour and become dry and erect. Despite the loss of foliage, these hollow, bamboo-like stems remain standing and can reach up to 3 meters in height.

In addition to the canes, the plant’s shoots also remain visible through the winter. These shoots may appear as small, reddish buds emerging from the soil, indicating the plant’s readiness to regrow in the spring. The combination of tall, erect brown canes and visible shoots makes Japanese Knotweed identifiable even in the dormant winter season, facilitating early detection and planning for management efforts in the coming growing season‚Äč

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