What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be used by web sites to make a user’s experience more efficient.

The law states that we can store cookies on your machine if they are essential to the operation of this site but that for all others we need your permission to do so.

What We Use Cookies For

Japanese Knotweed Ltd does use some non-essential cookies. We do not do this to track individual users or to identify them, but to gain useful knowledge about how the site is used so that we can keep improving it for our users.

Also, cookies make the interaction between you and our website faster and easier. If we didn’t use cookies, every time you visited our site, it would think you are a new visitor, meaning that your web experience wouldn’t be as smooth or as fast.

Here’s How We Use Cookies

We use Google Analytics, so we can improve our website and service for both you and future visitors. Google Analytics uses various cookies in order to function.

We place an encrypted cookie on your computer when you select ‘remember password’ when logging into your account. Because it’s encrypted, your information is kept safe and secure.

Controlling or Deleting Cookies

Cookies are sent to your browser by a website, which are stored in the cookies directory on your computer. You can customise your browser’s cookie settings if you wish to manage your cookie security. Managing these settings is highly recommended if you share access on your computer.

So you can check and update your cookies settings, you need to know what browser you are using and which version. You are able to find this out by opening the browser, clicking on ‘Help’ and then ‘About’.

Follow this link for instructions on how to manage your cookies through your current browser and for more information on cookies.

More information

We hope this has clarified things for you, but if you are still looking for more information, you can contact us using the following details.

Phone: 0333 2414 413