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Commercial Waste Removal

We offer specialist waste removal services for Japanese knotweed and contaminated ground. We are a fully licensed waste carrier and have been working with construction and development companies since 2010 to deliver fully compliant waste removal and disposal solutions that leave your site 100% clean and clear for work.

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Commercial Waste Removal Solutions

Japanese Knotweed is classed as a controlled waste and as such, requires a waste carriers licence. Japanese Knotweed Ltd are fully licenced and have been working with construction and development companies since 2010 to eradicate and remove Japanese knotweed infestations. After we’ve excavated the Japanese knotweed from the property, land or construction site we’ll take care of removal to an approved landfill site – leaving your site 100% clean and ready for use.

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At Japanese Knotweed Ltd we have been building relationships with customers since 2010 and have over 1,000 independent five star reviews on Trustpilot. Our H&S trained and accredited team members will tackle controlled waste and contaminated ground to keep your project moving.

A Safety First Company

As a safety-first company, Japanese Knotweed Ltd is fully compliant with the relevant Health and Safety regulations, ensuring our staff are fully trained and our processes comply with H&S standards and legislation.

  • The company holds two H&S meetings a year
  • H&S is discussed at all management meetings
  • Our H&S Committee meets regularly throughout the year
  • With have an annual review with our H&S providers
  • Onsite inspections are carried out regularly.


This provides an instant and impressive rectification method to the problem of Japanese knotweed. On completion the knotweed has been completely removed, allowing for unimpeded development of the area.

Although the least sustainable of our methods, our approach and ethos puts the emphasis firmly on reducing quantities of waste removed to landfills, and hence cost to the customer.

This is done via expert accurate identification of rhizome extent in the soils, ensuring complete removal while only removing those soils that possess the rhizome.

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In some situations, it may be possible to relocate knotweed from an undesirable location to another location on-site where it can be treated long term with herbicides. This provides the instant eradication of the knotweed from its current location (to enable development for example), while sustainably retaining and treating the knotweed on site.

The excavated waste is carefully double-handled over site along designated haul routes between the locations. Often only suitable for larger sites, the knotweed is relocated as a formed stockpile or landscape bund where any re-growth of knotweed is treated with herbicide. Once the knotweed growth has been controlled the relocated area can be carefully seeded or planted.

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Why choose us

  • We have over 1000 5-Star ratings on Trustpilot and enjoy long-standing relationships with our customers
  • Our excavation  teams are highly accredited and certified to the highest standards
  • We have a range of excavation methods to remove Japanese knotweed once and for all
  • We have all the equipment that we need, as well as the necessary experience to work on construction sites
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