Amenity Forum Conference 2023
By The JKL Team

Amenity Forum Conference 2023

The Amenity Forum Conference 2023

Our Japanese knotweed specimen is on show again at this year’s conference, looking very fresh.

The Amenity Forum is a UK based, industry led voluntary initiative for the promotion of “best practice” principles within the amenity sector when using pesticides – herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, algaecides and other products to control pests and diseases in this diverse sector.

Japanese knotweed in a display case showing green shovel-shaped leaves and roots

knotweed display

As exhibitors at the event this was another chance for our wonderful knotweed specimen to be on display – it’s not every day you get to see a rhizome up close. This knotweed piece has been carefully nurtured under strictly controlled conditions purely for display at the events we’ve exhibited at this year. It’s been a major hit, even with people in the knotweed industry. Knotweed requires to be handled and disposed of by specialists licensed to do so. Our lead surveyor John was in charge of this piece to ensure it did not pose a biosecurity risk.

at The event

The event held this year at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon in Warwickshire covers a range of subjects related to the amenity sector, and is a chance for the industry to network and discuss the latest updates. Keynote speakers gave talks on topics such as industry compliance and embedding sustainable practice into weed control. A Q&A session allowed exhibitors and delegates to ask the panel key questions about amenity related concerns or points of action for the Amenity Forum to address.

Integrated Weed Management (IWM)

Our focus is on IWM and how adopting an integrated approach to weed control is a more sustainable option especially for local authorities. With a diverse range of exhibitors, delegates and speakers there to raise issues and challenges, this event will highlight change across the entire amenity sector.