2022 International Invasive Weed Conference
By Jennifer Holmes

2022 International Invasive Weed Conference

attending this year’s pca conference

This year we were delighted to be able to attend the PCA Conference in person. Our own experts Ben Lindley, Darren Greatbatch and John Butcher all agreed it was great to network with industry peers and listen to some amazing speakers covering a wide variety of topics. Watch the PCA’s highlights of the day (and you may spot a few familiar faces!)…

After three years when the conference was not able to be held, this was a great opportunity to meet up and discuss the future of invasive weed control, not just here in the UK but from other countries too. The buzzword of the day being IWM (Integrated Weed Management) was the perfect topic for our Specialist Advisory Manager Darren Greatbatch, as it’s a subject he is passionate about, and is always woven in to our weed control methodologies. Adaptation, biosecurity and protecting our environment are all of vital importance in our industry today and will be ever more so in the future, with climate change and species adaptation being factors that will influence how we control invasive species without affecting biodiversity.

And a few pictures from the day…

Ben Lindley
Darren Greatbatch


John Butcher
Darren and John

We look forward to the 2023 Conference. As the PCA state:

Since the first human daubed decorative images on a cave wall, our dwellings have been about more than keeping us out of the weather. Improving and caring for our homes, reflecting fashion and the adoption of innovations and new technology has resulted in adaptation and modernisation but also in the abandonment of properties that become obsolete.

In 2022 we see the same cycles of adaptation, changing fashion, modernisation, and neglect but the rate of change has quickened. The focus on fuel efficiency, safety and comfort is putting incredible pressure on us to adapt existing buildings incredibly rapidly.

The need to protect the value and diversity of our built environment and conserve architectural heritage can seem at odds with the need to embracing technology and prevent obsolescence.

This conference embraces the need to adapt and meet the needs of individual occupants as well as the planet, while recognising the importance of preserving our irreplaceable built heritage assets. Through presentation and debate we hope to promote an informed, balanced approach to both.