12 reasons to choose us
By Jennifer Holmes

12 reasons to choose us

We are the largest Japanese knotweed specialist in the UK, we’ve been operating nationwide since 2010. Our extensive client base includes commercial businesses and organisations such as Surrey CC, The Guinness Partnership and Progress Housing.

Our sister brand Environment Controls provides specialist invasive species control and amenity weed management services for Local Authorities, with an Integrated Weed Management (IWM) approach that is more environmentally sustainable and reduces the carbon footprint. We also excavate and remove asbestos contaminated soils.

Our client and customer charter demonstrates our commitment when working with your company and your teams. It reflects the high standards, behaviour and levels of customer service you can expect in all of your dealings with us. We base these standards on Safety, Innovation and being Reactive to your needs.

Our services are naturally aligned with the needs of homeowners, commercial companies, large organisations and local authorities, for whom we deliver on:

  1. Cost Effectiveness Our pricing is bespoke to each type of contract and its requirements, we always factor in environmental and site specifics. Whilst Glyphosate is the industry standard herbicide, we will consider alternatives as long as their efficacy meets our standards. We always source responsibly.
  2. IWM Integrated Weed Management is the future for the delivery of efficient and sustainable weed control. We will consider the environmental aspect of the site in order to protect biodiversity, and this will often mean using a combination of methods as well as chemical. This may include hand, mechanical or biological methods as well as introducing fewer intensive means of weed control such as wild flower verges.
  3. Environmental & public safety All reasonable precautions are taken to warn members of the public of when treatments are taking place and to ensure no glyphosate is transferred whilst wet to any non-target area. If spraying on public access sites, signs are erected prior to start of treatment. If spraying and the public do not follow the signs and get too close, operatives will stop immediately and especially if approached by anyone.
  4. Bespoke methodologies Our method statements are created and put together in-house, used by staff and to demonstrate our industry standards and knowledge. Each method statement is geared specifically to a process or invasive species.
  5. Service delivery and resources Having the right people in the right place takes a robust company organisational strategy. Our teams are thorough in their approach, dedicated to project delivery and never miss the tiny details that make the big difference that keeps our clients returning to us over 10 years or more!
  6. Technology The company is committed to investing in the best IT solutions available as well as developing new IT products that enable our high level of service delivery. This tech keeps our field staff and office-based teams connected, providing vital information and communication so we can report live to our clients on project status. Everything we need as a business, and our clients need from us, is at our fingertips including live reporting apps, management systems, live GPS tracking and our CRM.
  7. Industry Knowledge We’ve been operating since 2010, our teams are highly qualified and experienced, and several of our experts are renowned in the industry. Ben Lindley (Company Director) was pivotal in pushing the RICS Guidance Note through parliament and stands as a thought leader amongst industry leaders. We understand the industry-specific challenges and offer clear, unbiased guidance, specialist advice and insight that is actively sought after by clients.
  8. Inhouse expertise Our teams are trained in-house, with all training modules being prepared and delivered by our INNS and amenity weed management expert.
  9. Japanese knotweed legalities Ensuring we adhere to our own code of practice as well as industry standards. We have written a policy on Public Environmental Safety that demonstrates our methodology for protecting people and animals whilst we are operating in public areas, whilst ensuring we protect the environment. We also have our own methodology on Biosecurity which all operatives must adhere to.
  10. Timeliness of survey and treatment Herbicide control is a seasonal solution which means following guidelines on the optimum time(s) in the year to treat each weed type. Some control methods are best carried out at a specific time in the plant’s lifecycle.
  11. Customer service is built on customer communication. We keep to our word, we deliver what we promise and we operate with the utmost respect to our customers and commercial clients.
  12. Environmental protection Our specialism and industry expertise enables us to think about protecting the environment in which we live and operate. Care for the environment is a key responsibility in the way that we do business. We do this by supporting and complying with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and relevant codes of practice, including waste management, minimising pollution and reducing our carbon footprint.

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